Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Counts


No surprise here.

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Not really, but still disgusting to see. His trial is based from an investigation which was based on completely fabricated lies.

He never should have even had to be questioned.



Maybe he never should have lied to investigators.



Lol wow… alright man.



Maybe I shouldn’t have ate oatmeal.



This whole thing REALLY ticks me off…Roger was railroaded…This was a shoe trial…

I hurts my heart that Roger will be in danger in jail/prison.



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I was trying to call the White House earlier but could never get through.

Whether he lied to Congress or not is irrelevant to me, considering the Deep State is apparently allowed to lie with impunity about matters that are incredibly serious and real. We all know they’re lying, the Congressmen they lie to know they are lying, yet they do it anyway, and get away with it.

Roger Stone might have possibly, maybe, lied a little bit, about crap that doesn’t even matter, in relation to an investigation Hillary FUCKING Clinton and the Deep State paid for.

Yeah, I’m right there with you Gregg. I’m disgusted with what passes as “Justice” in this F’ing country anymore.

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Steemit totally agrees.



We are all Roger Stone.

There is no excuse for this level of accepted persecution.

By accepting it for one, you become complicit and accept it upon us all.
Democrats always maintain not just presumption but plausibility of innocence, but their opposition gets railroaded.
Democrats lie every single day, relentlessly with near impunity.

Such environment has but one trajectory.

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Do you believe in the right-wrong dichotomy founded on objectivity or do you believe relativity, subjectivity? I believe that what is right is right. What is wrong is on the left. Meaning, that RINO-Republicans are on the left. Leftists are also on the left. However, classical liberals and conservatives are both on the right. I believe in the right/left dichotomy. However, globalists try to infiltrate, redefine, and pervert reality, and that includes the dichotomy which has been raped and inverted by control freaks and others. Of course, what the elites say about it is deception. They try to divide and conquer. But that does not mean that they are not building their lies on top of some truth. See, there is some truth in there. But they contaminated the truth over the course of many centuries and all around the world in a variety of ways.

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Well said Joey. That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I talk about “leftists”. I don’t mean it politically as much as I mean it philosophically. Its the lefthand path. The road of manipulation, lies, intimidation, and deception.

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Tell Trump to Pardon Roger Stone

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“No man survives when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails, and those who cry “appease, appease” are hanged by those they tried to please.” - Hiram Man



Thanks so much Vitt.

I wrote this piece belong as a way to logically explain/understand what happened with Roger and from what I do know it’s like 95% accurate to what actually happened, and I say that from what I’ve been hearing &reading from various place but mostly from WI.

Below is a post I made yesterday that I posted to my Facebook page. Please let me know your thoughts!

"#FreeRogerStone #MrPresident PLEASE #PardonRogerStone

I don’t know about you, but for me, I am not someone who can sit idly in the background and NOT speak up for my friends and co-workers…Especially when I view the situation as unjust.

THIS is especially strong on my heart when I think about the recent drama surrounding the #RogerStone Show Trial. Many of you are probably sick & tired of my constant posting about Roger’s impending imprisonment and I get that! But, IF you could look inside my heart and see why I am so passionate about Roger’s case you would know why I post as much as I do about it and various other #FreeSpeech #News and #Journalism topics: #AlexJones #Infowars etc.

Some may not realize it but I DO understand what got Roger Stone into the predicament he has found himself to be in. Roger, like General Flynn and a few others who are engulfed in this Trump/Russia Collusion Delusion, volunteered to met with the “investigators” on the #MuellerProbe thinking that he had the truth on his side, and he honestly did, BUT sadly in his passion to set the record straight, he ended up shooting himself in both feet.

From what I have heard, in person, and on various news outlets, Roger passionately wanted to defend his friend of over 40 years, Donald J. Trump. However, in doing so, he forgot that he was dealing with a group of savage prosecutors who were out for blood and would take anything that he said, and twist it into a false-narrative that suited their #endgame: The Removal of the 45th President of the United States…

I KNOW that those of us who love and defend Roger adamantly say: #RogerStoneDidNOTHINGWrong, and to some extent that is correct, but to another it is also incorrect!

Sadly, in Roger’s passion to defend #PresidentTrump, he put himself in a legal bind. How did Roger do this you may ask…Roger VOLUNTARILY agreed to various interviews with the people from the Mueller probe, and those who interviewed this patriot sought to manipulate & twist his words into a case of lying under oath among other things. These lawyers KNEW if they couldn’t trick President Trump into defending himself, KNOWING the truth was on his side, that they would take the consolation prize…Roger Stone!

From my research, there is a reason why a police officer informs you of your right to REMAIN SILENT, because ANYTHING you say can AND WILL be used against you in a court of law! This is also WHY President Trump’s lawyers counseled him to NOT speak with those on the Mueller probe voluntarily! Trump’s team of lawyers have experience in being prosecutors as well as in the realm of defense, and they understand how this game is played. I do not know IF Roger sought advice from his attorney(s) prior to volunteering to testify under oath or not, but this error in judgement as proven to be Roger Stone’s undoing.

I say this NOT because I believe Roger did anything wrong…but rather because Roger didn’t think things through realizing that just because you have the truth [on our side] does NOT mean that it will necessarily set you free. In this case, the prosecutors asked Roger the same questions 15 different ways hoping to illicit a response that would contradict pervious testimony, and thus create the loop whole for establishing a charge of lying under oath…

Here is how it works: The lawyers ask you about what you had for breakfast 6 MONTHS ago, and you confidently tell them that you had eggs, bacon, orange juice and wheat toast. Then, a few hours or even days later they ask you the same question…This time you respond: eggs, bacon, orange juice and WHITE toast! BAM…they got you…you “lied” under oath in the eyes of these blood thirsty vultures. See, it’s ALL about perception [they call it OPTICs] NOT facts!

Now look back to another individual who is interviewed [UNDER OATH] regarding the use of a private-server and deletion of 33,0000 subpoenaed [and bleach bitted] emails with the motive of excusing this individuals comments by calling it a “Matter” rather than a CRIMINAL investigation, and deciding to excuse this individual failure to “recall” 21 out of the 25 questions they inquired about because the interviewer didn’t feel that this individual was INTENTIONALLY trying to deceive them. See it’s ALL about OPTICS…perception!

Having read all of this…Do you see what’s going on here YET?"

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Sums it up well Sir, and you’re very right about a lot there. Amazing how they can manipulate in such a way to trap people.

Roger had too much faith in the system. You make a good point there, that he probably never should have volunteered to answer their questions. Hadn’t thought of that before, that Trump’s people advised him not to do what Roger’s apparently told him to.

I’m not sure what it would look like if Trump pardons him. I think he should, that its the right thing to do, but with the media under control of the opposition… they could really run quite far with it. Would get a lot more ugly.

Looks like they’re essentially going to give Stone the death penalty. Locking a man up for such insignificant process crimes, for the rest of his life, until dead in prison, is pretty insane.

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This trial was only about what Roger had for breakfast?!?!

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Would’ve been nice if the person who posted the petition had made a bit of an argument as to why he should be pardoned, but this is what’s up, so yeah.

Still needs a lot more signatures to likely be ignored, but it couldn’t hurt to sign anyway.