Roger Stone Found Guilty on All Counts


Yep, Roger Stone lost a political fight and gets to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Real fuckin funny.

What did Stone do that was actually illegal aside from throw rocks at an illegitimate political hitjob of an investigation? Nothing.

What did Stone do that had any effect on the investigation? Nothing.

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“It may well be that the defendant was being more truthful in his later disavowal of those statements than in his original braggadocio,” the judge wrote. “But there is no question that when he chose to take credit for the Wikileaks release and to tantalize the public with hints that he had inside information about more to come, he chose to place himself directly in the vortex of the issues that became the focus of multiple law enforcement, counterintelligence, and congressional investigations. He can hardly complain that under those circumstances, once he appeared before the Committee, his veracity, along with the veracity of other witnesses, was subject to scrutiny."



So essentially, “We don’t like Roger Stone and we didn’t like what he said, so he goes to prison.”

Got it.

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No, I don’t think the prosecutors, nor the judge, nor the jury liked that Roger lied under oath.



About what?



The actual charges against Stone don’t allege that he committed any crimes during the 2016 campaign. They allege, instead, that he attempted to obstruct investigations into what happened afterward.

By 2017, Stone was putting forward an apparent cover story for whatever actually did happen in 2016. He was insisting that everything he heard about Assange and WikiLeaks came from just one person — talk radio host Randy Credico, whom he called his “intermediary.”

So when Stone went to testify before the House Intelligence Committee in closed session in September 2017, he stuck to that story. Mueller has indicted Stone on five counts of false statements during that testimony.

Stone was also charged with witness tampering for his efforts to get Credico to stick to his false story. “‘Stonewall it. Plead the fifth. Anything to save the plan’ … Richard Nixon,” Stone texted Credico at one point. “If you turned over anything to the FBI you’re a fool,” he later said.

And eventually, when Credico wouldn’t stick to the story, Stone got angrier. “You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends,” he wrote to Credico in April 2018.



Telling someone to plead the fifth is illegal? Interesting… and making a text based joke referring to The Godfather movie is based purely on their own personal opinions and not anything factual.

What are those 5 false statements?



#2 STONE testified falsely that he did not have emails with third parties about the head of
Wikileaks, and that he did not have any documents, emails, or text messages that refer to Julian Assange.

#3 STONE testified falsely that his August 2016 references to being in contact with the head of
Wikileaks were references to communications with a single “go-between,”“mutual friend,” and “intermediary,” who STONE identified as Randy Credico

#4 STONE testified falsely that he did not ask Randy Credico to communicate anything to the head of Wikileaks and did not ask Credico to do anything on STONE’s behalf.

#5 STONE testified falsely that he and Randy Credico did not communicate via text message or email about Wikileaks.

#6 STONE testified falsely that he had never discussed his conversations with Randy Credico with anyone involved in the Trump Campaign.

Credico produced the emails and texts messages he had with Roger regarding Wikileaks and Assange. After Roger’s comments and threats on WhatsApp, Credico handed those over to the investigators too.



Yeah, he lied about shit that is completely irrelevant, but hey, they got rid of a political opponent, so that works.

Hard to get over the fact that the entire thing was based off of a well known fraud to begin with. To think someone was investigated, questioned, and thrown in prison, because of something their political opposition paid intelligence to fraudulently produce. This only started because of the Russians and the fraudulent dossier, and the well known hoax that Russia hacked Wikileaks.

That’s where my biggest issue comes from here really. The amount of fraud and corruption involved in this is unbelievable, and the people going after Stone, are fully aware of it. Hell, they’re a part of it.

Thanks for the info Rob.



The FBI violated the 4th amendment. Why are they not in jail?



If you’re talking specifically about Roger, then because they had legally defined “probable cause.”

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

If you’re talking more broadly, generally or philosophically, then the simple answer is because no one has brought a successful case against them.

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What probable cause that would indicate Roger Stone and not other people who saw Wikileaks? I saw Wikileaks. By that logic, the FBI needs to bust down my door as well. Your door as well. Roger did what you did. Roger did what I did. We are all guilty of the same alleged crimes.



That’s kinda the problem here. He lied about things that weren’t illegal to begin with.

So he’s guilty of lying to investigators… about, from what I can tell, were perfectly legal activities.

Trying to contact Wikileaks for information isn’t illegal as far as I’m aware. That’s exactly what a lot of journalists and news outlets were trying to do.



It’s wasn’t about seeing the WikiLeaks posted emails after they were released. Roger, who had worked on the Trump campaign, had made statements PRIOR TO the release making it seem like he had PRIOR knowledge of the contents and delivery method of DNC hacked emails.

Working on the campaign and boasting (real or not) about knowledge before the release is what why Roger had WAAAAAAY more probable cause than some guy sitting in a Vietnamese tea house looking at the WikiLeaks emails in between hours of recording Periscope videos of himself on the computer.

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Already Published

@Rob_Roy, what Roger Stone said was already published on the Internet and other people made videos about it.

Not a Secret

Julian Assange was talking about releasing the Podesta Emails in October of 2016. As early as like June 2016, some people began talking about what was coming for the October 2016 Surprise. As time went on, more and more people began talking about it. Roger Stone was not the only person talking about it.

We Talked About It

@Vitt, see, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and other people, would talk about what Wikileaks already announced publicly.

Trump View Drama

It is the same as when Donald Trump Jr. talked about the alleged whistle blower, and yet that came from articles that were already published and shared on Drudge.

Gold Fish Can’t Remember

Many people remember this. So many people were talking about the Podesta Emails before they were coming out.

Podesta Emails

Alex Jones went live on midnight one day and then it was not released at that time.

Wikileaks Announced It

But Wikileaks talked about it before Roger Stone talked about it. @Rob_Roy was probably not born yet as he is unaware of what happened. That is too bad.

Retarded Rob Roy

That is how blind some people can be. Rob Roy is either dumb or a bad guy. One or the other, probably.

We All Did What Roger Stone Did

Because what Roger Stone did and said, other people did too. It was public knowledge. It was not a secret. The fake news says it was a secret.

Corporate Deception

The corporate control freak dinosaur news media is lying about what happened to the SJW NPC bots who don’t know anything.

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You’re right man, yeah. I guess really, the question is… is what Roger Stone did so bad that he should be locked away till he’s dead?

It’s pretty clear he’s guilty, but what he’s guilty of was harmless.

This is really something he should just be fined for and move on… problem is though, this is political. These people are probably going to go way further than necessary.

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@Vitt, wrong, he is not guilty of anything. That is a lie. Do you really trust Obama judges and jurors?



@joeyarnoldvn, let me try to clarify for you again…

NOT Going to Jail Because of Wikileaks Talks

Roger is NOT going to jail because he talked about Wikileaks or looked at Podesta’s emails.

Questioned by Investigators

Roger, among others, were questioned by the House Intelligence committee, Senate Intelligence committee and/or the FBI because they had worked on the Trump campaign. Roger was of particular interest because he had made public claims that he had spoken to Assange and Guccifer2.0.

False Statements

During the course of the investigation, 5 statements made by Roger (see above) regarding Randy Credico and Wikileaks were shown to be false by producing evidence that contradicted Roger’s statements. Roger will be going to jail for these false statements (counts 2-6).

Tampering and Threatening

Once Roger realized that he was in jeopardy of perjury, he contacted Randy Credico and attempted to get him NOT to comply with the investigation and then threatened Credico. Roger will be going to jail for these acts (counts 1 and 7 respectively).

We Did NOT Do What Roger Stone Did

You did NOT work on the Trump Campaign. You did NOT make public statements in summer 2016 that you were in contact with Wikileaks. You were NOT questioned by the House Intelligence Committee. You were NOT questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee. You were NOT questioned by the FBI. Since you weren’t questioned by any of those committees, you did NOT provide false statements to them. Since you did NOT provide false statements, you did NOT threaten a witness nor attempt to tamper with their testimony. Therefore, you are NOT Roger Stone and I am definitely NOT Roger Stone.

The Fake News Says…

The only fake news I see in this thread is you believing that Roger is going to jail for looking at Wikileaks and/or the DNC hacked emails. Also, I understand your use of the term “Obama judge” but, I don’t think “Obama jurors” are a real thing. Do you trust Reagan judges? Bush Sr. judges? Clinton judges? Bush Jr. judges? Trump judges?

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Is it a crime to talk to other people?




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