Star Wars Leaks Are Accurate


Kylo Ren Ben gets no force ghost?

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Superwoman Rey is so powerful, she can’t even resurrect her savior who kissed her back from dead, like as if she was a Disney Sleepy Beauty Princess. But don’t worry, it’s not like this Skywalker Star Wars film is sexist towards women or anything. It’s not like Kylo Ren Ben is not going to get his own force ghost. Oh wait, what? Haha. So, if you don’t know, spoilers and leaks are on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and all over the Internet. Some of it started leaking like yesterday. Some of it has been leaking for many months now in 2019. I can share more leaks if you want me to. Just ask me to share more. I can include videos, pictures, links, text, etc. So, what do you think about this 9th Star Wars movie?

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Yeah, I’ve seen the leaks as well, and appears they were accurate. So far the consensus that I’m seeing… its a giant fucking hot mess turd. Pretty much what I expected.

Disney pissed all over the Star Wars canon, and forgot how to tell a “heroes journey” storyline. Its turned out to be a storyline with plotholes that make the Grand Canyon look small, that couldn’t build up any characters. After the first two films, I still didn’t feel like I knew, nor had any connection, to Rey or any of them at all really.

These aren’t Star Wars movies. It may have characters with names from Star Wars, it may have things that are from Star Wars movies (like the Millennial Falcon), but this isn’t Star Wars. Almost none of the substance that made Star Wars what it was, is there.

Its the same with all the new Star Trek stuff. They’ve forgotten the philosophy and meaning behind what they’re putting out. These writers/directors seem to have no depth anymore, and just want to crap out one action sequence after another, without giving much of a chance for any real plotline or character development to take place.

I’m sure it’ll still make a boatload… but these movies aren’t making anywhere near as much as they could of, had Disney done this properly and respected the Star Wars canon and style.

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Leaked Rise of Skywalker Scenes on YouTube: Just search for the most recent videos on it:



@Vitt, did you see that the Emperor creates a wormhole to escape the explosion of the Second Death Star as seen in Return of the Jedi? In Star Wars Rise of Skywalker, they don’t really show much or explain a lot. So, it is said that the novel, coming in March of 2020, will probably talk about the wormhole. Palpatine teleports via the wormhole thing, thanks to the power of the force, to a planet but then dies in the process. Many dead Sith Lords enter into his body as if they were demon possessing him. So, Palpy becomes dependent on machines just like Darth Vader did. Some of his limbs are said to have fallen off or whatever. I don’t really care, specifically, about these movies, in some ways, but I talk about it mostly to point out the hypocrisy and everything of Disney and SJWs and many different things.

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When I was watching Force Awaken, it just felt different.

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Nah, I didn’t see that, but that’s straight up goofy lol.

Honestly, I think they just came up with some random ridiculous shit to make it so that he could return and bring on the nostalgia, trying to get older fans interested again. Same thing with the 3P0 showing. They couldn’t write another strong villain, because they F’ing killed him already, so this is the nonsense they came up with.

I think all the SJW propaganda and agenda is the main reason for this… the people involved with that mindset are cultists who are unable to do anything without having to cram that stuff into everything. It ends up hurting everything they touch.

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For the most part, they were told what they could and could not do in making these movies from people above Disney. In other words, Disney is not independent any more than Facebook might be.

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