Terminator 6!


Because we haven’t screwed up the franchise as badly as Star Wars, MCU, or Game of Thrones!
We’re only at Highlander level fvckery, so this horse we’re beating isn’t quite dead yet, there is still a little life left.



Love this Franchise…
I’ll see this one too for sure, but it will definitely have an SJW, the future is Female
overtone to it I think. James Cameron is Producer too, which helps.

This dude had a pretty good take on it,
‘No Bullshit’



@BoonDoc, cool lol.

Arnold is in it but Arnold is not in it. You see him in the trailer. He answers the door. I wonder if he does anything else besides: “I’ll be back, the cookies are burning in the oven lol… I’m back, let’s eat lol. Get to the choppa, I mean couch. Get to the couchaaaaaaa.”



HAHA! Hilarious…

I didn’t know Terminators could grow beards either.
I don’t remember him having to shave?? lol



I object to the lack of colored transsexual midgets being represented. #boycottterminator

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Crazy when I first saw the pictures for the movie over a year ago I thought the one character was a beta male LOL. Guess it was female instead.

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