Texas State Cemetery Flag Lay 10 November 2019

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I went to link that I saw at the beginning of your video for Infowarsarmy.org

…I don’t think this was the site you intended to link to.

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Griff has some serious mental issues, no doubt about that.

Just look at this soft POS lol

Total incel.

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It’s www.infoRwarsarmy.org [Actually: www.inforwarsarmy.org ]…NOT www.INFOwarsArmy.org

I have only purchased the URL so far…@InfowarsRob and I are planning to start a podcast together and Rob wanted a URL name similar to Infowars so I purchased that URL…Infowars owns all of the other URLs even close to [infowars.com .org, .biz. .co etc. They own them all, but Inforwarsarmy.org was available to purchase so Rob asked me to grab it.

This is what our URL looks like until we are ready to build the site…which I’m hoping will be soon after the first of the year…but we’ll see…We have some other POSSIBLE avenues with Alex & Infowars that we may have at our disposal…but we cannot go into any detail yet…That is until permission is granted to us by Alex/Infowars!



From Yesterday’s Flag Lay At The Texas State Cemetery In Austin. VERY COOL:



@GreggHuestis67, what do you think about having decentralized web servers? What do you think is better, centralized or decentralized computer servers?



I think decentralization is best because it’s a lot hard to track the source(s)

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@GreggHuestis67, Steemit agrees.