The Iran situation


Iran has been on the Deep State list for a long time now. Since right before 9/11, this whole plan has been moving into place. They’ve been pushing for war with Iran for a long time now.

The man that lead the attack against the embassy was Obama’s buddy. It was a Deep State operation, intended to force a reaction by Trump, which it did. The only good thing I can see, is that it was a very focused attack, with very little (none apparently) collateral damage.

Soleimani had been leading one of the strongest forces against ISIS and the radical Muslims being created by our intelligence and Saudi Arabia. There’s a reason he has a problem with the US. Do you like the idea that we have traitorous POS in our intelligence agencies that do this kind of BS? I don’t.

We have been backing/puppeteering the radical Muslims for decades. From Brzezinski with the Mujahideen, all the way up to now with Bush/Clinton/Obama working with the modern Deep State to create ISIS. Remember Benghazi? The weapons we were running through there to radical Muslim “rebels” in Syria?

Does this mean I support Iran? Not at all. The Iranian regime are radical Muslims themselves, just a different version than what they’re fighting. The people of Iran on the other hand, hate their government, and have wanted to experience freedom for a long time.

Hard to say how this will play out in the end. I hope the move Trump made here won’t build into anything bigger. We have been at war in the middle east for nearly 20 years now. It has cost us thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and has destabilized the entire region, giving excuse to the western invasion of “refugees”.

I could keep going… hopefully this doesn’t turn into a mess.

Just heard Alex say Dr. Pieczenik is going to come on and talk about this. Very interested to hear what he has to say about this.



Appeasement has one direction/result.
In my mind, it’s about time accountability was levied against those responsible, and if that escalates, it’s not the West that’s either caused or perpetuating anything. You can’t be at peace when an enemy is constantly at war.
The time for ending appeasement of these aggressors is long overdue. The only thing that’s changing with them is their mask is coming off.
I don’t condone hostilities, but I sure am all for accountability.
I fail to see any reason to hold any sympathy, when the only ones trying to hold those actually accountable to responsibility is Trump and the West.