The next alternative


As much as I may be used to this platform’s format, I don’t see it’s going to viable alternative to what is now gone.

If there’s ever an alternative (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time as necessity is the mother of invention), feel free to send a direct message rather than post, I’d be interested to see.

With what happened to the last one, I’m guessing we’ve reached the evolution of Happy Harry Hard-on.

They may control the systems, they may control the environments, but they will never control the spirit. That will never happen no matter how long they try or what they do. The spirit will rise every single time against this evil and it’s not a matter of if but when the evil falls.

Cancer cannot survive on its own merits. it never ever has, and never ever will.



Discourse is My Favorite Forum System

This Discourse forum format is currently my favorite bulletin board system that I’ve seen utilized for the Infocomms in 2018 and on Free Square in 2019. So, I’ve not been aware of forums like these two until 2018. I prefer this type of forum system when compared to other forums like Theology Online (TOL).

Traditional Bulletin Boards

The other bulletin boards on the Internet are all basically the same going back as early as like the 1990’s. So, this format is a bit different that that traditional user interface (UI) seen on classical forum websites seen all over the world wide web for like decades now.

Social Networks

But when compared to social networks, blockchains, websites, places like Gab, Minds, Bitchute, Bit Tube, Steemit, and the ghetto networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc, how does Discourse compare? Well, I would not put Discourse on the bottom of that list, to say the least. Of course, forums are designed differently than social networks. In some cases, a forum could be a hybrid between chat rooms, private messages, phone text messages (SMS), and some aspects of social media. Personally, I was on Infocomms a lot in 2019.


So, I see the Infowars Army Community Forum (IWA) as a social network. I know IWA is a forum. IWA has been addictive like Facebook. So, I would put IWA on my top ten favorite social networks for 2019. I have had a bias towards IWA. Objectively, how did IWA compare with other sites? Well, outside of the alleged moderating/censorship issues, IWA may have been in the top ten or twenty in some ways.

It Had Potential LOL

Well, perhaps, potentially speaking. Well, technically, it is hard to say specifically and exactly. I just liked the idea of the Infocomms. So, I’ve been addicted to the spirit of the Infocomms. So, I may be misguided. I may be blind to some elements of reality. I really hope that IWA was not too expensive to host and run as a forum. I would have loved to help them find ways to reduce costs in running IWA. I believe there are things people can do to save money in running IWA, etc.

Moderating Aspects

Of course, we can also compare the censorship and moderating aspects between the Discourse system and social networking systems. But sometimes, you can’t always compare apples with oranges. There can be differences between Infocomms and Facebook for example, that is if Facebook got money from the government and Infocomms didn’t.


Specifically, as @TheIsz mentioned, Free Square may not be a long-term substitution for Infocomms. I wonder if we need a forum or what. For example, like I said, we have alternative social networks, like Gab. I have a Discord server. I have Protonmail. We can email each other. We have snail mail. Some of us have short-wave Ham radios. We have Telegram. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. It’s good to have as many different means of communicating with different people, as many as possible, the more the better, better safe than sorry, better something than nothing, seeking after better choices over merely good choices.


If the Infocomms was selectively enforcing their rules, excessively, perhaps, then people should continue to attempt to raise awareness to that vulnerability, that weakness, that failure, or whatever it may have been. I don’t want to assume that Infocomms moderators were deliberately seeking to attack people, to perhaps censor people on IWA. I also don’t want to assume that IWA was hacked at times in 2018 and 2019. But, regardless, all of those things are possible and may have happened.

Censorship vs Moderating

I’ve talked a lot about the differences between censorship and moderating. I’ve also talked about differences between the problems that Facebook has with the problems that Infocomms may have.

What is Censorship?

I’ve talked about the dangers of that word, “CENSORSHIP.” It depends on how you define that word. I’ve talked about private property rights which might and may in fact violate copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc, sometimes, potentially or basically. Are people trying to mess up Infocomms, Infowars, America, Trump, freedoms, independent countries, nationalism, family first focus, etc, etc, etc? Yes, of course.



With all due respect…

There’s no we here, and there never was. Not to be combative or beat a dead horse, but there can never be any we, when the words and actions justify the self over the bigger picture.

There are dangers for suggesting and behaving like the center of the universe. Casulties like infocomms.

When I was telling of this I wasn’t telling out of a position of ego, but as a warning from wisdom.

In short…

I told you so.

If there is ever going to be an alternative that survives past an evolution of Happy Harry Hard-on, the greater good must come before the self.

That starts with not putting up 5-10 new threads every single day, verbal vomit too long for anyone to bother reading, and perhaps just perhaps a little humility over ego.

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Are you suggesting a newspaper style forum that focuses on a few pre-approved threads daily that are safe for publishing as a publisher and not as a platform for the Infocomms?



Nope. I’ve already told you and explained what I am suggesting. Furthermore I’ve even shown it. I am not certain what part is not sinking in, or maybe you need someone else who is going to speak in terms or pictures you can better understand as mine aren’t working. Others have understood what I’m saying, maybe you’ll have better luck getting them to explain it. I’ve far surpassed any obligation.



I take that as a yes. That is probably why you avoid Steemit.



You’re just by action proving my points.

You have an insatiable need to be in control and the center of attention, and it causes ripple effect damage beyond your ability of comprehension.

That’s why there’s no we, and never was. Everywhere you go it’s just you.



You are right, Lord TheIsz Chan, Chinese Director of Damage Control. Thank you so much, on behalf of China, for initiating safety over freedom. We love security. We hate liberties. We gotta protect the world from damages that are caused by Terrorists like Oatmeal Joey Arnold. We gotta restrict them. We gotta throw them in prisons. Because Retarded Oatmeal thinks it is all about him. That is destroying the world. So, we gotta remove him from society. We gotta banish bad actors. Dear Great China, please save us from the vulnerabilities of freedoms. Oh, buddy, we can’t have freedom. Why? Because that allows people like Oatmeal to dance around like crazy gay frog dragons. Oh no, watch out for the ripple effect. Oh no, the Oatmeal Monster is going to tear out our hearts. The Oatmeal Zombies are out for blood. We cannot handle the meaning to life. We want to hide in caves. We want to de-evolve back to the cavemen mentality. The NBA is right. America must fall like Rome did. Oh China, please, you are not murdering our babies fast enough. One of those babies are going to grow up and become a Raging Oatmeal Lizard. We gotta stop crimes before they even happen in the first place.



You’re the only one using the word “Lord” because you can’t handle not being in charge yourself.
No one’s stopping you from posting, no one’s stopping you from verbal vomiting… you’re not being restricted, but sadly you don’t seem to understand, no one’s listening.

You can’t command respect Joey. you have to earn it, and you’re not.
That’s your paradigm, if you aren’t in control, you’re suggest you’re being controlled. Hence there’s never any “we” and never ever was.

Who are you selling your Kool-Aid to now that Infocomms is gone?



The main way to manage a forum is to manage the forum members. If they post too much, that can be dealt with. Pretty much any action can be dealt with by moderation, in any forum.

Moderators cannot sit back and check the forum every few weeks or days. It must be at least daily, and really several times a day.

@Guardian6 @Love123

I messaged the mods here asking about InfoComms and so far no reply back. That’s bullshit. That isn’t moderating, it’s more akin to ignoring.

Pretty much InfoWars has basically dumped on its members. A few act up and everybody gets kicked. Real professional InfoStaff.

No wonder Alex is crying for money. He’s allowing his staff to shit on his fan base and driving away the money.



Next Alternative? There isn’t one. InfoWars has made it clear. "They “don’t have the staff…it’s too expensive”…yada yada yada.

Like I said in the past, using PAID staff members to manage a forum is stupid. The vast majority of forums on the planet are not managed that away.

Volunteer staff manages a forum better than any paid staff.

How much would a forum cost to host? I guarantee it’s much cheaper than a single paid staff member.

Here’s a few just to get started…ALL FREE…

#1 PHPBB. phpBB is one of the top free forum software options available. ...
#2 XMB Forums. XMB is a good place to start if you're new to forum hosting. ...
#3 UseBB. ...
#4 FluxBB. ...
#5 MyBB. ...
#6 PHP-Nuke. ...
vBulletin. ...
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Personally, I like “SMF”, Simple Machine Forum.



Even proboards is free… Or you can pay like 16$ for 100k views without ads…

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Oh yeah, forgot about them. They aren’t bad either.

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They just wanted full control with zero outsiders moderating



That’s no good. I don’t want the makers of the forum meddling.

I think I will do a little investigating, seeing Alex has preached for years for supporters to do their own thing.

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What is needed is a means to advertise that a new site is up, if one is put up.

Of course we cannot depend on InfoWars to back it or promote it.

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From what I remember, Prison Planet forums wasn’t run by InfoWars, and it managed to get well over 1 million posted with volunteer moderators, and would have several hundred member visits a day.

It’s too bad, seeing that site has a TON of info, and now it’s gone.



Yeah prison planet had member moderators, like every other forum has

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That’s why they should do what Steemit does.