These people are abhorrently sick



That video reminds me of CERN. The dance rituals especially. Okay so I didn’t get through the whole video yet when I posted this and it does mention CERN. This is a very crazy intellectual video. Okay that tripped me out.



Hey what’s up brother. I’m missing the comms.



It’s bittersweet to me.
Good and bad. I miss the beacon, but I do not miss the toxicity.
Maybe that’s one project too much for them?

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What’s up Gregg?

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Sorry I’m just responding my friend. My father in law is here in town and I’ve been focusing on the 3D world more than the online one.

I’m not sure that the comms as we knew them will be back…It appears that there was sabotage from within [infighting] as well as server corruption.

Well see how this plays out! Hopefully things will be resolved and we can get back to the business of the infowarsarmy.

I’m getting ready to head out to the Planned Parenthood Protest on 7th Street in Austin.



I really wish I could be there, if there is anything like this going on again, I will plan a lot better and try and save up some money. I had some bills to take care of which in turn messed with my ability to travel… so :pensive: Since I can’t go, I may go around and start putting stickers up on telephone polls and stuff around my neighborhood. Would be easier if I just lived down there… Would be hard because I would be away from my family. Maybe someday I can make it happen…

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