Truth is Veritas


It is like being a murder suspect. So, some people may need a lullaby. But I’m not saying a fake story. But I’m just saying that some people do sometimes run into situations where the fake news lie about them. So, those people may benefit from being excessively transparent online as opposed to completely anonymous online in order to help the public see that they are innocent of the allegations, the fake news, that is thrown at them. It depends on the person and everything. The more private you are, the more this doesn’t matter. However, someday, what if you do become more famous? And what if they try to dig up your past in order to use it against you? That’s where the lullaby thing comes in. But I’m not saying the lullaby transparency thing is bullet-proof. It is more a for the record kind of thing. At least the people that know you will know the difference between reality and deception. I mean, generally, when you hear the truth, you may get a feeling in your gut that verifies that the truth is in fact veritas.



Do you mean alibi? In Latin, it’s alibi.

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‘Cause Spider-Man is always…hungry.



Here’s a lullaby version of not having an alibi…

and a favorite lullaby (and version) of myself and the little lady…



My bad. I mean alibi. You are right. But an alibi sure does make me want to have a lullaby, either way you cut it, good or bad. We may never know when we may need alibis, covers, transparencies, for the record, transcripts like as seen with what Trump provided between Trump & Ukraine on the phone, etc.