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Localism: Emerging trend for 2020 as seen by the crackdown on the 2nd Amendment in Virginia and Elsewhere



In the past, more banks were issuing out their own currency. They had credit. Also, in times of natural disasters, etc, people were helping each other out more. Now, in the Untied States for example, government started doing what people were doing. What happened in 1913 played a part in what happened in 1933. Long story short, they created problems and sold that to the people during the Great Depression. So, in other words, they created a panic. They continued limiting the people’s ability to help each other out and then started introducing welfare and other things to help save people from the same exact problems that they created in the first place. All of this is a long story. You can see similar patterns throughout history in different countries. It’s called divide and conquer. They create problems and then come in with fake solutions. They tell us to surrender our freedoms for alleged security, alleged cures and aid. But people can do better via free markets, etc.



5:35 if they are testing us to see if we will response like with the Golden Globes 2020 for example in mentioning Epstein etc, then they should not have to censor us on the social networks, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If they continue censoring, blocking, etc, then that is good news.



Mark, @Havin_a_daydream, who told you that about the Great Depression? Whoever told you that lied to you. See, yes, you are right that some people made bad speculative investments like you said. However, that’s not the whole story. Therefore, too misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, because what you said is more the symptoms. You said the government took advantage of the depression of 1929 as it began banning gold in 1933 and yet you failed to mention what the government did twenty years before that which did in fact create the depression in the first place. And there is more to the story than just that. And they were not just taking advantage of it if they were in fact doing things to cause it twenty years prior to it.



I ended classes in 2014. Correction, also in 2016 as well. Technically, what happened in 2016 was a different type of situation. So, I have my excuses. I have my reasons. But long story short, regardless of what I felt was a life or death kind of situation, I did what I did. I’m not saying I was totally wrong in the choices I made in 2016 as well apart from the perspective of the students those choices affected perhaps.



On YouTube, you can click on a video and it will sometimes say it was blocked or removed on copyright grounds. However, unless if there are Internet Courts, that is inaccurate. Unless if judges are making decisions on the fly without trials, it is not true. In America, we are supposed to have trials first. See, you go to court and the judge makes a decision. But YouTube lies and skips that process. People fall for that lie. Fair Use can allow you to include copyrighted clips in your videos. But Google is like, “I don’t care.”



That is because YouTube only answers to Google, and Google is not an American company loyal to America. Even Amazon, though Bezos is American, he sold his soul for the Chinese market. He has zero loyalty to America.

All of these “global” companies have no loyalty to America and are playing their part in “globalizing” America.

I’ve said it before and will keep saying it, that these people are not trying to make America great, they are trying to change America. I use to think they were just a bunch of tree huggers. Now I see them as much more than trying to protect the environment or bring about social change. They are trying to take over America in classic socialist fashion through the Democrat party.

The invasion of America has already happened. These people and companies are enemies of the state and should be confronted as such. Part of their agenda is to micromanage information through social media. They are changing the public’s attitude through censoring media and nobody is stopping them, and Republicans are so stupid with their “free enterprise” attitude on how to conduct business they don’t realize they are helping the socialists forward their agenda by not calling out companies like Google, Twitter, etc.

Seriously, why in the hell would real Americans allow millions of central and south American invaders to enter America? Normal Americans wouldn’t. Real Americans want to protect their way of life but socialists are countering American loyalty by accusing them of hate and discrimination.

Imagine adding millions of new people and their famiies to the voting rolls, all those people being thankful to Democrats for open borders and protection from authorities. It may not equate to millions of actual votes, but it changes the local attitude towards international ways of doing things.

Socialism is based on winning the hearts and minds of the poor through promises of a better life and tons of social programs and getting them to rise up and resist their governments.

Any person who reads about the history of socialism in South America and thinks it’s not happening in the United States simply cannot read or they refuse to admit what is happening in their own country.

Citizens sitting back and letting US politicians run things has come to bite America in the backside, and now those politicians are running the country the way they want and not how the Constitution says and most citizens are too busy reading Facebook to know what is going on.

Seriously, has anybody even bothered to question why American politicians keep calling America a democracy when it’s actually a constitutional republic? The socialist invasion already happened. Now they are hellbent on getting rid of the Constitution. If they can implement an attitude among the people that the Constitution is old and outdated the war is won and America is effectively dead.

Take one look at how politicians are acting in Washington and tell me the fix is not in. We are one step away from an all-out coup.



No charges, no crime, no judge needed.
It’s just a simple violation of their TOS.

Don’t be overly dramatic.



Rob Roy must be a globalist. The Terms of Service (TOS) of Google and other tech cartel social ghetto networks violate laws. Google violates the fourth amendment among other things. That is criminal. Rob should read what Meme Art is writing. Rob must some kind of infiltrator. Rob is always trying to stop Infowars. That’s very bad. Rob is not trying to help people. Rob doesn’t have his own news organization. Rob is a troll who is simply trying to discredit Alex Jones. Rob is trying to persuade people to play video games all day and to not get involved. Rob must be right.



What is Google or YT seizing?!?! Otherwise, I think you’re completely off with the 4th amendment.

I did read what @Memeart said and didn’t respond to his comment because his made a lot more sense than yours. Sorry @joeyarnoldvn, I’m never gonna buy into this “pre-trial” and “4th amendment violation” stuff that you repeatedly try to sell. Especially when it comes from someone who has admitted to violating other TOS on multiple forums, websites, groups and platforms (including Infocomms) over years.

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Copyrighting Brains

12:53 PM - Telegram | Discord | Dissenter

I like the idea of Intellectual Property in theory but in practicality if it is enforced via centralized agencies with the help of the subjective and centralized copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc, which are nice in theory but the problem is in regards to the Internet as a lot of that has to do with electricity, the data that moves between computers, like water is uncountable, electricity is generally unaccountable and therefore virtually untraceable all of the time down to each molecule perhaps or extremely difficult, and even down to the micro level of electrons which are in our brains meaning that all of is potentially dangerous, a slippery slope towards that Minority Report movie, and other sci-fi films, in attacking pre-crime, what we think, in a pursuit to copyright and forbid what we do inside our minds as soon as people start connecting their brains to the Brain Net, the Internet via Brain Phones which are coming out soon, and the 1984 Big Brother Governments are always try to spy on us in order to find ways to control us more and more, etc, etc, etc.

Intellectual Property is like free health care. It is like a king saying, “Thou shalt NOT say what I said or off with your head.”

Intellectual Property is extremely vague like Hate Speech. It’s extremely subjective and must be somehow enforced by centralized and tyrannical government, possibly. If I say “HELLO.” Is that intellectual property? People would say no. Now, if I wrote a book, then the answer might be yes. So, how many words does it take for something to become intellectual property? Since about 1995, I’ve been saying Ironic Mystic. So, is that my intellectual property? Since about 2004, I’ve been saying L4OJ. The list goes on. I like to say Hope Over Dope. I have my sayings. There was a YouTube channel that was trying to protect a single word, “REACT.” There are actual people who try to stop other people from saying mommy and daddy. There are people who try to stop humans from saying Merry Christmas. You can call it Intellectual Property, Hate Speech, etc, etc. Call these different things whatever you want. But they can sometimes interfere with free speech, etc.



Again, so overly dramatic and not connected to reality. Dial it back a bit, rethink it, and you might feel differently.



Two laws. One law says you’re guilty if you stop a 911 call. Another law says you’re guilty if you don’t stop a fake 911 call, knowingly. Like Bart Simpson once said, “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”



The first law, you were charged with and you pled guilty to.

More like, don’t make a false 911 call but, if a false one is made…do not just hang up the phone. Usually a mistake call is more forgivable (people butt-dial 911 everyday and don’t get charged) than to a hang up a call. If you think about the job of the 911 operator and responders, you’d understand why.



That particular law may not be applicable to me because she was not using my phone to make a fake 911 call. That one law seems to say if a person uses your phone to do it, then you can be held liable for that. But it was her phone. That one law also seems to say that she would be guilty if she knew it was not an emergency, meaning she could argue and plead that she thought it was an emergency even when it wasn’t, meaning the judge may have ruled in her favor still, that she would not be found guilty as she really thought it was a real emergency inside her drunkard mind. It was not an emergency but that law seems to be focused on the perception of the person, that if the person was not knowingly trying to deceive, or whatever the case might be, then there is no legal guilt. So, in my particular case from 2012, my lawyer would have probably failed to argue and convince the judge that she was guilty of that one crime had he tried to. My lawyer didn’t tell me about this second law but he probably knew about it, unless if he was incompetent, deceptive, and/or etc, AKA a bad lawyer who was funded by the tax payers in America.



You’d have to site the actual law that you’re referencing.

Again, if you hadn’t hung up her phone, she could have been charged with making a false 911.
What was happening that caused her to call 911?



She called and said that I was a slob. She said to 911 that I told her to go to her room. I was cooking dinner. She was sitting there drinking and smoking as she usually would do all day each day. She would yell at my dad each day. Sometimes, she would yell at me. So, she called the cops.





Satish Luintel, yeah, we were using Wordpress. We were paying Godaddy. For a while, the server had CentOS which I believe is like Linux. One of the problems we faced was that Go Daddy was a bad daddy haha. They kept on asking for more money. They would tell us that we had too much traffic, that we had to upgrade to premium products & services.



@merica#8334 I would love to know the ancient history to modern history chronology and timeline of Los Angeles in order to map out and figure out and archive what happened specifically. I should put that on my to-do list in order to better confirm or debunk alleged claims in regards to what may or may not be in the ground, underneath the depths of L.A., be it demonic, alien, military, other dimensions, and/or etc, which reminds me of the series finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer which was all about a girl and her city just so happened to be on top of a gateway, like an underground volcano, tunnel, cave, or mouth, to Hell itself. I’m going to try to look up David Wilcock and some of the other things as well.