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Welcome to Free Square. We are in an information war. Feel free to introduce yourself here. I’ll begin. I’m Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I believe in the first, second, and fourth amendments. Family first. Community first. Country first. Constitution first. I’m for the separation of church and state and for the balancing of the three or four branches of government. I’m from Oregon. I lived in Vietnam, Hawaii, California, New York, West Virginia, Quebec, Idaho, Washington State. We need to stop geoengineering, technocracy, globalism, Jihadism, leftism, Big Pharma, Rothschild, Soros, China, Hollywood, etc.



Agreeable too most of your comment, Constitutional Conservationists, closely associate with Libertarian values. Not the utopia version of some. As idealistic version isn’t obtainable due to human frailties. Lol lolol
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Hello everyone, I’m Shayla Schroeder from MN, just joined. I’m interested in seeing and participating in these discussions in hopes of practicing real-life debates. Very concerning to me is the lack of care for the Constitution and American history/values; sexualization of children in schools and through media; the giant push for climate change awareness/action and the drastic influx of illegals to name a few big ones. Of course all of these are products of the indoctrination. Thank God Trump was elected.



You remind me Avril Lavigne who reminds me of a girl I knew, Tiffany. Yeah, I love Avril. Yeah, indoctrination is a big thing.

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Haha thanks, although I’m not especially a fan of her’s. I think talking with people/building friendships and lifting others in prayer is a good way to promote healthy skepticism for these people whom in my opinion, are brainwashed and out of touch with reality. So long as they aren’t too far gone already!