Why are you guys still here in this shit hole..?


Still bickering? I been doing other shit.



Is Palpatine inside Rey?



No bickering around these parts. It’s rather quiet and no drama. Until now, no one has bothered us here.



Been pretty chill really, especially compared to what went on with Infocomms, and quiet for sure. Only 4 or 5 of us really?

I’ve been enjoying Joey’s Star Wars commentary :laughing:



@Vitt, yes: here is some more:

When there is a Palpatine in your girl Rey, who you gonna call, Ghost Busters ahahahhaaaa. Or the exorcist. Or both. If Disney made 30 more movies on trying to suck Palpy out of Rey and make it Rated R, I’d go see those movies. Make it dark. Make the movies scary like The Others with Nicole Kidman. Just go dark. Go Star Wars Horror Genre. That is how they could redeem themselves. Star Wars Scream. Star Wars I Know What You Did Last Christmas Rey. You Ate Palpy You Retard hahahahaaaaa.

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What a thoughtful xmas greeting.
I certainly don’t know what anyone would do without it.

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Do you want best to worst of the overall outline of the films or according to particular scenes from the movies? For example, if you zoom into Kenobi vs Anakin in ROTS, that’s my favorite moment. Second would be Maul vs Kenobi & his master, the I Will Find & Kill You Guy.

Best to worst according to favorite moments/scenes:

  1. ROTS - Kenobi vs Vader, Yoda vs Palpy

  2. TPM - Kenobi/Jinn vs Maul

  3. ROTJ - Luke vs Vader

  4. ESB - Luke vs Vader

  5. Rogue One - Vader killing white men haha

  6. ANH - Luke blowing up the Death Star

  7. TROS - Rey vs Palpy

  8. AOC - Yoda vs Dooku; Jedi vs Aliens

  9. TFA - Han Solo talking about Luke

  10. TLJ - Yoda talking to Luke

  11. Solo: The ending & Maul in particular

  12. Star Wars The Holiday Special - Chewie’s mom was funny and the singing was nice.